Metta Karma, LLC

For more than 25 years we have been building expertise in information technology. It is a field of constant, rapid change. One which requires a significant investment of time in order to maintain excellence. Simply put it isn't practical for most people outside the field to stay abreast of the technology available to them.

Given our years of experience and our expertise in cloud, web and software technologies our mission is to:

  1. help businesses understand how the current technical landscape can give them an advantage, and
  2. help them implement the technology solutions that will best facilitate achieving their goals.


We offer a wide range of services and are currently putting together their definitions.


Metta Karma is a combination of two concepts taken from Eastern philosophies. Metta is sometimes described as loving-kindness. In simple terms it means treating everyone with dignity, respect, kindness and above all a deeply held desire for their well being.

There are several different interpretations of Karma but generally it is the idea that the actions you take now will influence your future. Accordingly taking positive actions has a positive influence on one's future while negative actions induce a negative future bias.

Put together Metta Karma is a concise description of our work and business philosophies. We believe treating people fairly, looking out for their well being and taking actions to help them will lead us all to a brighter future.

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